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Sunflower Healing Energy

Tameana Session (60 minutes)

Tameana Session (60 minutes)

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Embark on a profound journey of healing and transformation with Tameana, an exquisite vibrational practice that transcends boundaries of the physical, mental, and soul. Through the sacred portal of Tameana, discover the interconnectedness that weaves through all aspects of existence.

Allow the luminous crystals to awaken the dormant flames of your inner will, guiding you towards a state of wholeness and profound metamorphosis. This deeply transformative experience harnesses the healing energy of quartz crystals, resonating with your essence on multiple levels.

Surrender yourself to the embrace of Tameana, as it unravels the threads of healing throughout your being. Create a tranquil sanctuary for this soul-nourishing journey, immersing yourself in a serene environment that nurtures your receptivity to the energetic healing. May this sacred time be a catalyst for profound shifts and rebirth as you surrender to the profound wisdom of Tameana's vibrational healing essence.

* I highly recommend experiencing three Tameana sessions to initiate profound

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