Tameana Vibrational Quantum Energy Healing Modality

Tameana healing is a transformative modality that allows you to access a state of high vibration. At a subtle level, it facilitates the exchange of information and the reordering of energies within your energy centers, directly impacting your level of consciousness. It awakens dormant memories, offering you a fresh perspective on life.

What is Tameana?
Tameana is a simple yet powerful technique for emotional and physical healing. It is a Pleiadian energetic healing modality channeled by Juan Manuel Giordano.
Tameana serves as a gateway to self-awareness, allowing you to delve deeper
into your true essence. 

Tameana, also known as the Sacred Triangle or Salush Nahi, is a healing practice originating from the stars in Ancient Lemuria. It has the potential to stimulate profound inner transformations on multiple levels.

Benefits of Tameana

Tameana offers a wide range of benefits, including stress relief, removal of
blockages at all levels, chakra balancing, and synchronization of your body's
frequency with the Earth's electromagnetic field. By raising awareness,
consciousness, and vibration, Tameana facilitates internal transformation,
harmony with your surroundings, and a deep connection with your life purpose.

Additionally, Tameana can elevate your frequency, eliminating low vibrations that
contribute to chaos, chakra misalignment, stress, anxiety, and physical and
mental illnesses.

Applications of Tameana

A Tameana session provides a sense of peace, releases energetic blockages, and aligns your body's frequency with the Earth's electromagnetic field. It expands your awareness, consciousness, and vibration, enabling you to perceive reality from a fresh perspective. Tameana facilitates profound internal transformation.

Since energy work transcends linear time and affects all planes of existence,
Tameana can address issues from the past, present, and future. It sends healing
energy and vibrations to the areas that require attention.

Other potential benefits of Tameana include: 

1-Revitalizing and restoring energy, promoting physical balance
2-Warding off negative energies
3-Removing blockages
4-Modifying and restoring DNA
5-Elevating your vibration to enhance manifestation and creation
6-Providing relief from physical pain
7-Increasing your level of consciousness and connection to the Divine Source
8-Aligning, cleansing, and harmonizing your chakras and aura
9-Assisting in the release of blocks, fears, limitations, and emotional burdens
10-Restoring overall health and well-being
11-Transforming layers of energetic blocks, traumas, and past life experiences
12-Aligning your body's frequencies with the Earth's electromagnetic fields
Improving sleep patterns
13-Bringing balance to the mental-emotional, physical, and spiritual realms
13-Facilitating connection with your Spirit Guides
14-Enhancing self-awareness and understanding of your relationship with the
external world and the collective consciousness
15-Harnessing your willpower to achieve fulfillment in life
16-Removing dense energies to attract more harmony and unlock your Heart-
aligned potential

How does Tameana work?

Tameana harnesses universal energy by channeling it through quartz crystals,
which unlock and harmonize the subtle bodies within you and with your physical
body. This process facilitates the healing of diseases. Crystal quartz collects,
amplifies, and raises energy vibrations, eliminating negative energies that may be present in your life.

Tameana is a simple yet highly effective technique that employs the power of the triangle, symbols, and quartz crystal tips as tools.

During a Tameana session, your vibration is elevated, and each of your cells
undergoes profound transformation. Any low-vibrational frequencies residing in
your body will be released, and you will experience systematic changes.

What to expect during a Tameana session

A typical Tameana session lasts between 45-75 minutes, depending on your
specific needs. The average duration is approximately 60 minutes.

Throughout the session, you remain fully clothed. You may experience various
sensations such as warmth or coolness, see colors or images, sense or hear
messages, fall into a state of deep relaxation, or feel an overall sense of calm,
peace, and joy. It is also possible to have no particular sensations or experiences.

There is no right or wrong way to perceive the energy; each individual's
experience is unique. Energy flows regardless of whether it is consciously felt or

During the session, you will relax while the practitioner works with crystals,
moving through each chakra to facilitate the clearing process. By activating the
quartz crystals through symbols, the practitioner progresses from the root chakra to the crown chakra. The combination of crystals and symbols creates a high-frequency energetic pyramid around you, creating a channel for the healing work to occur.

As the vibrations move through your chakras, blockages within your energy fields and across all layers of your chakras are removed. This allows for a deep
connection with all aspects of your being and brings about profound internal
transformation. It empowers you to make aligned choices and fosters a deeper
connection with your Soul Purpose.

Tameana awakens the seed of the "I AM" within your Soul, leading to vibrational changes in each cell of your body. This remarkable therapy clears limiting beliefs from your mind, releases pain and fear, and liberates you to create your own reality.

For optimal results, it is recommended to undergo three Tameana sessions (once per week) to achieve a balanced and harmonized energy system.


Tameana is a healing modality that holds a special place in my heart. While I still
cherish practicing Reiki and Numerology, Tameana delves into a much deeper
level. I highly recommend experiencing three Tameana sessions to initiate
profound clearing. 

Please note that the information provided here is for informational purposes only
and should not replace professional medical or psychological advice.

Dive into the realm of limitless healing possibilities and embark on a profound
journey of transformation. Discover the extraordinary essence of this remarkable
healing modality by exploring the depths of my services page https://www.sunhealz.com/collections/tameana-seassion-for-body-healing

Feel the resonance of your soul and connect with me through the sacred space of my contact page, allowing our energies to intertwine.

Together, we shall unveil a time that harmonizes with your being, igniting the
path to your ultimate well-being. Open yourself to the exquisite realm of healing,
and let our souls unite in a dance of profound transformation.

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