Residential Cleaning and Purification Session using Tameana

Residential Cleaning and Purification Session using Tameana

What is Residential cleaning and purification using Tameana? It is a specialized service that combines the physical and energetic cleaning of your environment. This holistic approach aims to harmonize and balance the energy of your space, creating a healthy and vibrant environment 

What is the objective of this session? The objective of this session is to cleanse, balance, and elevate the vibration of a space.

In which environments can this cleansing session be conducted? This session can be conducted in houses, premises, lands, vehicles, and any other place that involves interaction with individuals, as the balance of an individual depends on the vibration of the environment and vice versa. It can also be conducted for businesses to promote the flow of energy.

How can I tell if I need to have this session for my home/business/vehicle? You may need this session if any of the following reasons resonate with you. 

Low environmental energy is felt by the inhabitants in various ways: lack of enthusiasm, sadness, frequent conflicts, appliances or infrastructure breaking down, water leaks, a series of situations that could be considered as a "bad streak," plants dying without apparent reason, headaches, and other physical symptoms causing discomfort and irritability, a sense of panic, etc.

You can also request this session if you need to sell your home/business/vehicle, as the session helps to unblock energy and promote beneficial flow for you and all individuals involved.

What are the usual causes and consequences of environmental energy imbalances? Thoughts and feelings of lack, sadness, etc. Lack of love for the house, space, etc. Fights and arguments. Accumulation of old and unused objects. Lack of physical care for the environment (house, premises, etc.) Lack of fresh air, sunlight, and natural environmental factors. Also spirits attachments , astral larvae, and karmic memories from family and the location.

How often is it recommended to have this session? This session is recommended for environments every 15 or 30 days (depending on the intention), unless it needs to be done more frequently. It is an intense practice, so it is recommended not to remain in the place while the session is being conducted.

Can this session be done remotely? Yes, it can be done remotely.

What information is needed? For a house, premises, or land, the address is needed, name of and date of birth of all the residents, much detail as possible. 

For a vehicle, the license plate is sufficient.

Permission or authorization from the owner or tenant of the location or object is also required.

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